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Design Rules - Personality

14 May 2015

"It's time to flirt with scariness," says Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, "because behind every door lurks the chaos factor -- you!"

An architect may design identical houses but, once people move in, each house takes on the owner's personality. Laurence demonstrates how to apply the design rules to reflect individual personality. "Nearly every room you go into says something very, very specific about the people who live in it," comments Laurence.

The most obvious and fundamental design differences are between extroverted and introverted people. "The extrovert personality type is linked to thrill-seeking and that risk-taking element can be found in what they do with their homes," explains Professor Barrie Gunner of the University of Sheffield. "They may be inclined to use bold and exciting colour schemes and they like to have a lot of things around them creating stimulation."

Introverts, however, are biologically different to extroverts. "They have different types of nervous systems," adds Professor Gunner. "The introvert is less tolerant of physical stimulation.They will tend to shy away from bold reds and oranges and yellows and prefer cooler blues and greens."

Laurence, maybe not surprisingly, advises people to just be bold and have the courage of their convictions.