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Interior Office Fitout

16 October 2016

Office design and fitout are crucial aspects to the success of a company.

The way people work changes and office environments are no longer static, but need to be in line with the company’s organizational and functional requirements. It is worth paying individual attention to interior design and fitout, because a non-functioning office wastes time and causes frustration, since it can become difficult to perform even basic tasks. These problems are solved by good office design, but an excellent Interior Office Fitouts is far-reaching. It opens up new lines of communication, offers different environments for different tasks, and makes employees feeling great about being at the office.

There is a multitude of important aspects when it comes to office design and fitout, but one of the primary questions that also need to be considered is: “How the company is likely to change within the next five years?” Design and fitout must reflect the company’s current values, but also need to be able to adapt to possible future changes, that might occur faster than expected. Further aspects to be taken into consideration are office location and general conditions, budget/savings opportunities, green office design and fitout, and what will be put into the office.

The following points are highly relevant to the actual design and fitout of an office environment:

Light and Space: An office can never have too much light and space. Since employees spend considerable amounts of time indoors, exposure to natural light is limited – which can have a negative impact on mood and productivity. Thus, it is important to make sure an office is designed to get as much natural light as possible.
Also, employees need enough space. Not only desks should be big enough but “circulation space” needs to be considered, too. This is space allowing employees to move around freely.

Break Out Spaces: Break out spaces are not only places for munching a packed lunch. These places represent important spaces away from the desk, and can support creativity. Therefore, they should be considered and designed carefully.

Things Need to be Kept Tidy: Workspace is often out in the open, therefore part of the office design and it is crucial to keep such spaces free of clutter, organized and tidy. Especially when it comes to small office environments, tidy workspace helps to make sure everything works together well.

Invest in Good Furniture: Budget furniture does not pay off in the long run. For instance, employees start paying attention to where and how they sit when they begin to suffer from an uncomfortable chair. Therefore, it is important to keep these things in mind while designing an office.

Workplace Branding: Branding does not stop with the website and business card. It should be part of the space where everything happens. Therefore, in the process of designing an office environment, branding should play a crucial role, because it gives an identity to the space.